Compaction Australia acquired by Conplant

Posted by Conplant Pty Ltd on 1 February 2018

Our team and equipment have been procured by one of Australia's leading compaction specialists - Conplant.

On 1st February 2018, we (Compaction Australia) were acquired by Conplant, an Australian company specialising in the provision of compaction solutions for all sizes of government and private business.

Conplant, Australia's largest compaction specialist, can provide our customers with a wide range of compaction solutions including hire, sales, parts and service.

"Through this purchase, we've gained some very experienced and dedicated people, and as we all know, even quality products struggle to deliver without good people supporting them," said Ian Coleman, Conplant Managing Director.   "Combining the two complementary company cultures that both focus on delivering specialist compaction knowledge with no-nonsense, expert advice - was a very logical move for us." 

"Compaction Australia customers should only see positive changes like having access to more technical know-how and a larger fleet that will increase to more than 1000 rollers this year," said Coleman.

The transition for Compaction Australia customers will be as seamless as possible, however some changes are unavoidable, so please note the following:

  • Our staff and fleet are already integrated into Conplant's Yatala based Brisbane branch:
    Conplant Pty Ltd
    Darlington Park Industrial Estate
    Lot 15 Peachey Rd (Site 23),
    Yatala QLD 4207
    P: 07 3287 0500

  • You can still use the original Compaction Australia telephone number 07 3287 1466 however, this will now be redirected to the Conplant Yatala branch (see above)

  • New hires from 1 February 2018 will be covered by Conplant's terms and conditions, you can find a copy here

  • Your current rates and hire specific special terms will be maintained, although these will be subject to change from time to time as per standard commercial arrangements.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Conplant team or Andrew Wheeler at

Compaction Australia