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3 - 4t Combination Smooth Vibrating and Multi Tyre

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Combination rollers are equipped with four rubber tyres at the rear instead of a drum. The rubber wheels ensure a denser and smoother surface on the asphalt giving a fantastic final result. Specially designed for repair work on asphalt compounds, but can also be used for paving small streets, footpaths and bicycle paths. It’s often used to compliment the bigger rollers for compacting cross-joints and in restricted spaces. Combination rollers are perfect for compacting thin layers and soft asphalt compounds. Another benefit of these combination rollers is that the driver only has to focus on the front drum when close to kerbs therefore reducing the potential damage to the kerb resulting in a better finished product. **DRAG BROOMS AVAILABLE**



Specs / Additional information
Asphalt & Granular sub bases

Mode of Transport
Tilt tray


Safety Requirements
Safety Boots, Hi Vis Vest, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Hard Hat

Click here to download Safety Instruction PDF

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