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8t Double Smooth Drum Vibrating - Oscillating


This technology is not one that is widely known about yet and offers a large array of options. Due to increasing demand for higher specification and lower impact equipment, we decided to include in our fleet the 8t oscillating double drum rollers. These have the ability to compact bridges, sand, right up to house slabs, with no fear of damage, and urban night work. To give a small understanding how this technology works, it is basically a different frequency than your standard vibratory roller. It works on an elliptical field and has a short forward throw so there is very little vibration carry, making it ideal for the aforementioned jobs and in some instances would prove to be invaluable to your operation.


Specs / Additional information
Asphalt & Granular sub bases

Mode of Transport

Prime Mover & Float


Safety Requirements
Safety Boots, Hi Vis Vest, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Hard Hat

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